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Place your order for pickup from 425 Norwood Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Friday Special

Jan 28 (4-7pm)

Laing: Taro leaves, onion, and spinach stewed in coconut milk with garlic, and garlic. Option to add a protein and served with steamed rice.

Proteins: Pork, Tofu, Garbanzo Beans

New Siopao Flavors!

New steamed bun flavors! Available for a limited time.

Bola Bola – ground pork, a piece of boiled egg, and longganisa (pork sausage)

Chive & Bean – chive, carrot, and black beans (fermented black soy beans) in garlic, ginger, and sesame.

Red Bean – sweet red bean paste

Choose from an array of large trays to share with family.

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