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Cuisine located in Grand Rapids MI


2st pop up of 2021!

Pre-order Pancit and Siopao for Friday, April 23rd while supplies last!

4/23 Friday Feature: Meal includes Pancit with Siopao

Thin rice noodles with cabbage, onion, and carrot in a soy-based citrusy sauce. Choice of tofu or pork belly for protein. Comes with one steamed bun (Pork or Jackfruit Asado) with a marinated sweet saucy filling.


Hand Crafted Steamed Buns

BBQ Pork / BBQ Jackfruit:

Braised in a homemade banana sauce, giving sweet and savory flavors.


The Filipino purple sweet potato makes a delicious sweet and creamy filling with a pudding-like texture.

Gluten free bun option available.