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Locally produced Filipino steamed buns or siopao. Siopao is a Hokkien term for steamed buns. You may be familiar with different names such as baozi, salopao, bahn bao, mandu, or others.

Gallafe started as a food blog around 2015. Eventually from suggestion from folks, the idea of starting a Filipino food pop up arose. That same year, Kultura Festival hosted by Filipino Kitchen in Chicago had its first event. The festival ignited interest in hosting pop ups where people could eat, talk, and learn about food and culture. In 2020, Gallafe starting taking steps to become a food business. However the onset of Covid 19 complicated planning. Despite the delay, it gave Gallafe time to reimagine itself and adapt. Zyka LLC was created to umbrella Gallafe, and to allow for future growth and endeavors.

Gallafe is a vendor at local farmer’s markets during the summer seasons, and offers cater trays. In the near future, we hope to have a brick and mortar for sit down service.

Check the calendar for days Gallafe is vending at the Fulton Street Farmers Market, pop ups, and other events.

Gallafe products include gluten free and vegan options. Ingredients are specifically tailored to maintain the original flavors as close as possible for diet specific options, including reducing the amount of added sugar.

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